Spherical dryer

Drying vessels that are simple, reliable, and easy to maintain increases product quality and process efficiency in this highly sensitive industry. Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short of our industry’s tight quality and hygienic standards and that producers who embrace high-quality pharmaceutical-grade equipment will have an advantage over competitors.

A spherical agitated dryer with uniform drying, complete product discharge, and easy maintenance

Mavag AG’s smaller scale and focus on their tradition of Swiss craftsmanship ensure the impeccable product quality that customers need. The company’s Mavaspher spherical dryer line is spherical agitated dryers that use a magnetically coupled agitator blade to stir fine chemical products inside of a machined spherical vessel for the pharmaceutical and biotech production industries. The vessel is flanged and hinged at the equator for easy opening for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. A spherical disk valve at the lowest point in the sphere provides effective product discharge. The agitator is eccentrically mounted to aid with product discharge and provided complete mixing and gentle drying to the contained products. The shape of the agitator blades is carefully controlled to maintain a small gap between the blades and the vessel walls. Options are available to convert the agitator to a chopper are available according to the customer’s needs. The hinged, spherical shape allows the vessel to be opened up fully for cleaning and maintenance access easily. It also ensures consistent product mixing and even exposure of powders to the agitator blades and discharge valve.


  • Many customer options available including heated agitator and quick closure system
  • Several options for mounting in your facility
  • Capacities available from 100 L to 4000 L
  • High up-time allowed by simple maintenance and cleaning and a robust, simple design