Shrink sleeve labeling machine

Shrink sleeves are new type of full-colour labels that give the opportunity to create a 360-degree branding on your product. If you want to apply them on a container, what you need is a shrink sleeve applicator. A shrink sleeve labeling machine that could handle and wrap different container forms would be an ideal solution, even when your container has an unusual shape or size. Additionally, if flexibility is something you are looking for, it is important that the machine is suitable for all types of label applications (body, half body, full body, underlap, temper evident and multipack).

Applying sleeve labels above, under or around various containers

The Sleeve Applicator ULISSE is a machine designed by Scaligera to apply shrink sleeve labels onto different containers. The machine is suitable to cover many different types of containers such as tin, can, PET or glass bottles, plastic or glass jars, cups, kegs or even products or containers that have a special and irregular form. These labels are used in a wide variety of industries such as beverage, food, home and personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical.

The shrink sleeve labels are fed in the machine by reels in the form of a continuous tape. The number of reels will depend on the capacity of the machine. The ULISSE offers different models that can have one or several reels. A roller system called ‘dancer’ will keep the film under tension as it moves towards the rotary cutting head. The head is fitted with rotary blades that cut the tape forming the sleeves. According to the capacity, the ULISSE can be provided with one cutting head (20.000-22.000 bph) or two cutting heads (30.000-55.0000 bph). Meanwhile, the containers are conveyed one by one under the rotary cutting head by a single or double screw. Screws are the most used separators for conveying the containers, but based on product features, you can also opt for side motorized belts (for unstable products). When the sleeve is formed, it is slipped over the container in a loose way. Using a steam or hot air tunnel, the sleeve shrinks due to the heat or steam obtaining the shape of container, fitting properly.

Creating one seamless continuous roll between two different reels (splicing process) is always manual, except when there are 4 or 6 reels to connect. In that case, splicing can be automatic. The capacity of ULISSE varies depending on the model. Production speed ranges from 2.000 up to 55.000 bph.


  • Compatible for different shaped and sized containers
  • Different types of sleeve applications (body, half body, full body, underlap)
  • Fast and easy changeover (15-30 minutes)
  • Rejection system if sleeve is not properly applied
  • Photocells to keep track of missing or extra containers, preventing jams or unnecessary waste

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