Shop coffee bean grinder

Do you want to grind your beans on-site at your coffee shop, but are you limited for space? Bench-top coffee grinders can grind 16 kg of fine coffee per hour and up to 62 kg of medium fine coffee per hour.

Bench-top professional coffee grinding that saves space

TKS Series Shop coffee bean grinder from Toper R&D provides an unparalleled grinding experience. Created and manufactured by Toper’s deep-rooted past and experience on grinder manufacturing since 1954, TKS series grinders are real space savers with high performance. Specifically designed for space saving grinding of coffee beans, the grinders are also much looked after for R&D or pilot scale grinding of  black pepper, sesame, peanuts, poppy seeds, lentils and wheat rice.


  • Grind all kinds of wheat and spices
  • Highly maintainable and user-friendly design
  • Considered to be a real space saver with high performance
  • Meet all the processed food standards