Serialization coding and labeling equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry, product serialization is the cornerstone of all legislative requirements for traceability. An automated inline coding and labeling system provides the easiest and most reliable way of addressing serialization needs without adversely impacting on line performance.

Folding-box serialization units for high flexibility/high speed

The Amacoder range from Hicof are industry-leading serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, available in two specifications:

Amacoder FLEX – offers the maximum flexibility for packaging sizes. The maximum box depth is 300 mm and the maximum throughput is 75 boxes per minute (depending on box size). This is ideal for batch production and lines with frequent size changeover.

Amacoder SPEED – offers the highest speed at up to 150 boxes per minute for a maximum box depth capped at 200mm. This is perfect for dedicated smaller box lines where maximum throughput is desirable.

The Hicof Amacoder machines are supplied as standard with one inkjet printing unit and one cartridge and one camera on the operator side. Additional printing heads are available as an option. Two labelers enable the application of tamper-evident seals on both sides of the folding box. All box flap configurations are supported, making the Amacoder suitable for use with any existing line.

The Amacoder line has been designed to reduce moving parts and complexity as far as possible, offering an attractive price point as well as reducing the footprint to a minimum. The slower movement of boxes through the Amacoder means a very low rejection rate, offering further cost savings.

The code-reading camera is fully ISO/IEC 15415 compliant, and the complete coding and labeling line offers a comprehensive corporate, easy to operate, GxP compliant database to an integrated solution. The Amacoder IT system allows the processing of all serialization data, supports related business processes and offers optional interfaces to business and governmental partners.



  • Serialization and labeling solution with a choice of speed or flexible options
  • Integration of coding line and end to end IT systems
  • Extremely small coding line - only 1m including labeler
  • Easy operation, minimal training required
  • Remote engineer diagnosis and fault-fixing, minimizing downtime