Seed disinfection machine

It’s essential to disinfect seeds to eliminate bacterial infections and to protect them from these infections in storage or during early growth. Along with crop protection, proper seed disinfection can also lead to increased germination rates and root development. If the seed is under-treated or over-treated, it can cause bacterial infections and negatively affect seed health. That’s why it’s important to use a machine that properly disinfects seeds.

Eliminate bacterial infections with the seed disinfection unit

Innovatively designed by Seed Processing Holland, this seed disinfection unit can be used to treat seeds in several liquid solutions to prevent bacterial infections and seed-borne diseases. Since it’s mostly constructed with synthetic materials, it’s resistant against a lot of chemicals and won’t be permanently damaged when in contact with chemicals.

The unit boasts two compartments, and each compartment features a separate cover to prevent the splashing of fluids. Each cover can also be connected to a separate air exhaust system to ensure that gases are properly ventilated. Lastly, both covers are designed with a safety switch to prevent operation if the cover of the compartment is not properly closed.


  • Spring-operated cover ensures ease of use
  • Seeds are processed in a reproducible and uniform manner
  • Each compartment boosts a total capacity of 95 litres
  • Drums with seeds can be used in the next process steps without touching the seed

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