R&D automatic capsule filler

Automatic capsule filling machine for powders, pellets, tablets, mini-tablets, capsule in capsule or liquids.

Test the automatic settings of your capsuling process before you scale-up

IN-CAP automatic bench top capsule filling machine by Dott.Bonapace is a bench top automatic capsule filler. It has become popular all over the world among R&D laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. For trials research, batch productions, and in laboratories for full production utilization. It is also available with predisposal of liquids or semi-dense products filling station, pellets, tablets and mini-tablets. The machine can be supplied either with tamping or dosator system. Machine manufactured according to CE and GMP rules.


  • Suitable to fill all capsule sizes
  • Can be supplied with tamping or dosator system
  • Change size operation takes less than 10 minutes
  • Special dosing discs for minimal powder dosages (starting from 8 mg)
  • Equipped with both powder and liquids dosing stations

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