Marmalade and Jam Processing Machine

When producing jams and marmalades, preserving the natural flavours, aromas and colors of the fruit can be challenging if no gelling agents or sugars are added. This is something important to consider when you are choosing the right jam making machines and equipment for cooking and sterilizing your products.

Vacuum Cooking and Sterilizing Your Fruit Jam and Marmalades

The BM50 Top Multifunction Bench from Frigojollinox is a complete marmalade and fruit jam processing system. The vacuum cooker consists of two tanks working autonomously and automatically. Comprising of the sterilization of raw materials and the other, vacuum cooking of the product.

Vacuum cooking method cooks the jam at a lower temperature and at a shorter period. Thus, helping retain the natural flavors, aroma, and colors while saving time. This processing machinery features stainless steel tanks with a non-stick finish. This prevents the products from sticking to the bottom or to the wall of the tanks.

The Vacuum tank for cooking has a capacity of 54 liters and the Stery tank for sterilization has a capacity of 70 liters. This is the perfect processing machinery for a complete jam production line. All the way from with start with the raw materials, to the final end product, the MB50 is the ultimate processing and filling machine.

This machine has a touch screen control panel and intelligent control features that manage the system through wireless connections such as smartphones and tablets. This allows you to control the machine with out being physically present at the production line.

More Than Just a Jam Processing Machine

Besides for the ability to process jam from start to finish, the MB50 can also fry and braise. This makes it not only good for the production of marmalades and fruit jam, but it can also be used to produce fruit juices, as well as sauces such as ketchup, soups as well as various other condiments. The functionality that this jam making machine provides makes it a great investment to any food production plant.


  • Cook and sterilize simultaneously
  • Smaller footprint compared to purchasing two separate machines
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Easy control of both tanks via touch screen panel
  • Production capacity up to 212ml cans 145pcs. /cycle

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