Pallet changer

For turning loads and exchanging them on pallets, here is a stationary pallet changer that will load and unload pallets using a forklift.

Stationary inverter/stationary pallet changer

The Toppy Inverter is a stationary pallet inverter that will turn loads and exchange pallets on loads with maximum weight of 1500 kg and maximum height of 2000 mm. The pallets are loaded and unloaded using a forklift.

The pallet turning is accomplished with: 90° rotation without pressure, for steady loads (i.e. boxes); 180° rotation without pressure, for unsteady and fragile loads (i.e. cruets and bottles); 180° rotation with pressure, for unsteady but not fragile loads (i.e. bags, larger size bags and drums).

Toppy inverter is also available with a PLC control (fully automatic), and as a floor level version that can be loaded and unloaded using an electric pallet jack. The stationary pallet changer is mainly used in industries where some products, i.e. liquids, cannot be inverted as this would cause problems with validation or, in industries, where goods are packed in fragile packaging materials.


  • Turn loads with maximum weight of 1500 kg
  • Full automatic inverter is also available
  • Used in industries where fragile packaging is done to pack good
  • Maximum height of load could be 2000 mm