Packaging machine for syringes in trays

Pre-dosed syringes are rapidly becoming the method of choice for the delivery of injectable pharmaceutical doses thanks to their ease of use and virtual elimination of dosing errors. It’s vital, however, that they are packaged securely and in a sterile manner that not only protects the doses but is easy for the user to open. An automated forming and sealing machine for syringes and similar items (such as ampoules, vials and small bottles) provides the most cost-effective method of packing large volumes of pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical product.

Flexible forming and sealing machine for syringes, small bottles and similar containers

The RF series of pack former and sealer from FamarTec is suitable for a wide range of small bottle-style containers, including syringes, ampoules, and non-pharmaceutical containers. The RF machines have a wide range of customisation and accessory options to meet your exact packing requirements.

The units are available in a range of configurations: mechanical motion, electronic (all servo motors), and with extended belt and long pitch (RF/S version).

Customisation is key with the RF series, and these can include differing length of middle plate, a range of available feeding systems (e.g. pick & place, robot, etc) and more.

A complete range of option and accessory modules are available including pick & place feeding systems, tray covering sealing unit, camera for tray conformity inspection, centring system for printing on covering material, printing of coding/batch number with stamps, ink-jets or other systems, longitudinal punching of trays and automatic ejection of non-conforming trays.

Suitable for use with a wide range of forming and lidding materials, the RF series from FamarTec is supplied with remote support, allowing online diagnosis of faults, reducing downtime associated with breakdown and onsite engineer visits.


  • Dedicated solution for tray packing syringes, vials, ampoules and similar products
  • Full range of options to meet your exact production requirements
  • Possible forming materials include PVC, PVC-PVDC,PP, PPVC-PE-PVDC
  • Designed and built to full GMP standards suitable for pharmaceutical production
  • Remote support feature allows immediate online support, reducing downtime

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