Multifunction case packer for bottles and jars

New ways of packaging products are popping up all the time on the market. These new types of packaging, such as display tray with a lid, allow manufacturers to keep up with the latest market trends, make the product more appealing to customers and at the same time save cardboard and reduce costs.

Pack your products in wraparound, shrink-wrap, and tray with lid packaging

The Multifunction system provided by Baumer is an all-in-one complete packing system capable of wraparound carton packaging, shrink wrapping, and other special functions such as providing special lids or covers in combination with trays. With its wide array of formats, this system can provide packaging that is ready for display at retailers or stores. The system also features touch screen panel controls that can change the configuration of the production.


  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High production capacity
  • Multiple options for every packaging application
  • Smaller footprint