Multifrequency sieve for separation of difficult particles

Separating particles in difficult-to-process materials for processes in the food and chemicals industries can be inefficient and time-consuming. Utilising vibration technology to sieve such materials gives vastly improved performance, and the latest technologies mean even greater productivity is now available.

Patented vibration technology sieve for maximum performance

The Virto CS 065.1 X series vibratory sieve has been specifically designed to handle difficult materials with increased performance over traditional vibratory sieves.

The CS 065.1 uses a patented system developed by the manufacturer known as MFVexcite. This technology converts traditional single-frequency oscillation into a multifrequency movement. Thanks to this development, the material acceleration transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G, instead of the 5G delivered by standard sieves. This means class-leading performance of up to 99% particle purity in materials that are difficult (or traditionally impossible) to screen, such as high viscosity or abrasive slurries.

The single-deck CS 065.1 can be tailored to suit your specific needs and is 950mm in diameter. Featuring all-stainless steel construction for contact parts, the unit can also be offered with mirror finish polish to these areas for use where hygiene is required.

Because it uses two motors operating in synchronisation at lower speeds, the CS 065.1 uses less energy than traditional vibratory sieves, reducing running costs and increasing lifespan.

Finally, the CS 065.1 has a wide range of options including clean in place (CIP) system, a variety of stands, pneumatic lifting, and a variety of connections to meet your requirements.


  • Class-leading screening capacity and efficiency, with 99% particle size purity
  • Gives the ability to screen the most difficult materials, including sticky, abrasive and fine
  • Consumes less energy than standard units, with extended mesh life, for lower running costs
  • Wide range of options to tailor to your exact requirements
  • Reduces process costs by eliminating waste