Monobloc filler and capper

If you have separate filling and capping stations you may experience lower throughput rates due to increased operating cycle time. In addition, if the production line handles multiple products such as liquids, oils, creams, and pastes, changing products and containers between two filling batches can take a significant amount of time.

Fill and cap up to 35 containers per minute using a monobloc system

The Response Monobloc Filler & Capper from The Adelphi is a two-in-one system that achieves the dual functionality of filling and capping containers. This versatile unit can be effectively used to fill bottles, jars, and screw-top vials with a variety of products such as oils, creams, serums, scrubs, sauces, peanut butter, or honey. The ‘No container, no fill’ sensor reduces waste of both container and product. Precise torque application gives a higher quality of capping reducing rejects and consecutively the operator’s time to handle rejected containers.

The unit can fill volumes of 5ml to 250ml, with a fill accuracy of up to ±0.25% (superior to the industry average of ±1%). Its fast filling and capping ability can give productive output at up to 35 containers per minute. The system accuracy is complemented by an enhanced quality control process where it can pre-set the quality-check count.


  • Compact, space-efficient design with high precision
  • Intuitive, operator-friendly HMI touch screen
  • Fast filling up to 35 containers per minute
  • Adaptable to fill bottles, jars and screw-top vials
  • Simple and quick changeover of containers from one fill-size to another