Mobile pallet turner for higher stacks

When you need to opt a pallet changer that is capable of lifting and turning loads and can be supplied also for bottom-closed pallet, with a wide base. This mobile pallet turner is vital.

Pallet changer for lifting high loads

The Maxi Toppy Pharma Plus and Maxi Toppy Pharma Plus WB is presented by Toppy. It can lift the load with the maximum of 1500 kg, with pallet size up to 800×1200 mm or 1000×1200 mm in pallet DIN. The load can be as tall as 1780 mm and 2370 mm, given that pallet is included, for both Maxi Toppy Pharma and Maxi Toppy Pharma Plus.

The high loads are capable to lift up and turn with this mobile pallet turner. The Maxi Toppy Pharma WB Plus pallet changer is realized with wide base of the legs, so that it is possible to pick up pallets closed at the base (for instance, UK pallets). They also comply with the strictest European and American rules. It pays special attention to the GMPs and smooth surface and beveled shape assuring the utmost hygiene and cleanliness.


  • Capable of lifting and turning loads with a maximum of 1500 kg
  • The height of the load can be 1780 mm and 2370 mm
  • Strict European and American rules
  • Assures utmost cleanliness