Linear machine for wraparound label

Wraparound labels allow you to offer detailed information using a small space or fit extra information on your products. The labels are crease-free if wrapped around cylindrical objects, making them ideal for small products, such as cans, jars, and pots. However, accurately applying wraparound labels usually requires a lot of manpower.

Linear machine for wraparound label with Hot Melt glue

The ETIMA ML-L/B is a high-performance labeler that uses pre-cut paper for precise wraparound label application by Hot Melt glue. It features a spiral spray system and offers speeds of almost 60,000 containers per hour.

Ideal for cylindrical metal and glass containers, the machine is specifically designed for the food and canning sectors and accepts containers ranging from 53mm to 154mm. It can be used to apply wraparound labels on cylindrical packages, usually food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics products, in glass or metal cans as long as the shapes of the containers are round. Furthermore, continuous feeding of the label box results in a highly efficient production line. Lastly, the machine allows the integration of reject functions and control devices, providing a high-performance labeling control solution in the line.


  • Ensures a high uptime and efficiency rate for the production line
  • Integrates reject functions and control devices
  • Incredibly high output increases productivity
  • Can support and perform continuous labeling

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