Bottle filling and capping monobloc

Spillage and overfilling are common problems in most production lines for bottled products. A good solution to minimize such waste is to have a single system that can both fill the precise amount of liquid to the containers until the desired net weight is reached, as well as perform the capping of the bottled product.

Filling and capping bottled containers with load cells for net-weight filling

The Rotary Monobloc from Rejves machinery is a compact two-in-one system that can perform both filling and capping of bottles through rotary mechanisms. This system can be equipped with various filling technologies available for a precise filling process such as net weight, flow meter, level filling, and vacuum filling. This makes the system suitable for most industries and applications, including food and cosmetic products. A notable feature to reduce cap waste is a bottle detection system that prevents the capping section from supplying caps if no bottle is detected. An optional feature provides a rinsing section using water or ionized air. Production capacity for this system can go as high as 620 bottles per minute.


  • Two-in-one system
  • Smaller footprint
  • High production capacity at 620 bottles per minute
  • Can be equipped with a rinsing section