Mixing tanks for beverages

Juice production lines require multiple ingredients to be typically mixed with water. The incorporation of ingredients like juice powder, aroma and stabilizers can sometimes have an uneven mixture. It can also happen when mixing pulp, fruit pieces or suspended particles. To obtain even mixing and homogeneity of the finished syrup or juices, they need to be accurately processed and dosed.

Mixing and dosing powder and liquid ingredients in batch

The EASY.Core by A Due is a compact dosing system that consists of a double set of mixers and tanks. They can simultaneously or sequentially transfer each ingredient and mixing it to prepare for the finished syrup or finished drink. It can prepare several recipes at the same time and is able to dissolve powders or empty the liquid concentrates. This system provides total and accurate control of dosing and mixing of the ingredients through mass flow measuring instruments.


  • Accurate dosing and mixing
  • Tailored production capacity based on customer request
  • From 5,000 to 60,000 liters per hour
  • Compact in size