Inline ultrasonic big scale food cutting machine

In the food industry, where accuracy in the cutting process is desired, ultrasonic food cutting machines are created for large-scale manufacturers that want to scale up their production while maintaining the precision in the cutting process.

Easy to use machine for cutting baked products with ultrasonic blades

The UFM8000 designed by Cheersonic, is an ultrasonic food cutter used for cutting differently shaped baked products such as bread, cake, cheese or pizza. This ultrasonic cutter is composed of a transducer, a device that converts energy from one form to another, in this case ultrasounds in vibrations. The vibrating component plays a key role in the process, because it prevents the product from sticking to the blade. Fitted with two conveyor belts, this inline model has a big capacity, considerable size and a cutting speed up to 60 cuts per minute. The food product is positioned on the first belt that slides it under the first knife and then the second knife that can perform a horizontal and a vertical movements. The second belt is needed for the product exit. No rotational movement is provided for the knives. The device has two cutting modes: slice and square cutting. Furthermore, the machine is provided with an automatic waste removal system that takes away the edges to form evenly aligned squares and slices. This machine can be integrated in the existing food production lines, adapted to customer demands.


  • Reduction of food waste
  • FDA certified
  • Adjustable working speed according to needs