Inline fill-level control for beverages

For brand protection and to prevent legal disputes due to distribution of non-compliant products when it comes to fill level for beverages, an inspection machine allows to detect the final fill level in a container even in the presence of foam. With the rise of digital world and increased consumer awareness about standards that a product must have when it arrives on the market, even in the beverage industry the brand image is just a click away.

Inspection system for detecting fill level with high frequency technology

CL700-HF is a machine produced by FTsystem, that allows to detect the fill level of glass or plastic containers using high frequency technology. Water, soft drinks, juices, tea, beer, wines, spirits, milk and other conductive products are some of the products that CL700-HF can analyse, but according to the characteristics of product and container, x-ray (RX) and infrared (IR) technologies can be used as well. As the container passes through the sensor, the emitter generates a high frequency signal that the receiver detects. The signal goes through the liquid and the latter modifies the frequency of the signal. This frequency variation allows for the measurement of the filling level. Compared to x-ray technology, an advantage of high frequency is that it can detect the quantity of foam, measuring therefore the true filling level (after foam dissolving), it will not generate a false reject. The system measures the liquid level and the quantity of foam separately and after processing these two measures, the real filling level will be determined.


  • Automatic rejection for overfilled or underfilled containers
  • Reduction of false rejections thanks to foam detection
  • It can be integrated with additional inspections (cap presence, label presence etc.)
  • Remote technical assistance