Industrial vacuum cooker

Batch cookers can be highly inflexible and inefficient, relying on maximum fill levels to operate well enough to ensure quality. By installing a modern flexible batch cooker with multiple operation options and varying batch sizes you can quickly enhance efficiency and flexibility. A flexible solution allows multi-product batch cooking, enhancing return on investment.

Flexible batch cooker with vacuum and overpressure cooking

The MultiCook from Enoop is a highly innovative tilted vertical vacuum batch cooker for the widest range of food products, including jams, soups, sauces, ready meals, baby foods, fruit fillings, and many more.

As well as being completely constructed of stainless steel and complying with all HACCP hygiene requirements, the MultiCook has a tilted design to improve mixing and emptying, reducing batch times.

The body of the cooking vessel is double-jacketed and externally thermo-insulated, and it is heated via saturated steam and cooled with cold water. The heating/cooling is divided into 3 zones. This enables processing of different batch sizes without risk of burning smaller volumes of product.

In addition to the heated jacket, the MultiCook has an internal heated cone. This further reduces cooking times and increases productivity.

Available in two sizes to meet your requirements, MultiCook features frequency controlled speed of impellers to allow even delicate mixing to preserve fruit pieces. Teflon-coated scrapers improve mixing capability and heat transfer.


  • All stainless construction for longevity and hygiene
  • Can process at atmospheric pressure, in a vacuum, or overpressure for total flexibility
  • Gentle mixing ensures fruit pieces or other ingredients are preserved
  • Easy filling and emptying, reducing cycle time
  • 3 heating zones allows for smaller batches and more even heating throughout