Industrial leaf filter for chemicals

In recent years the removal of sulphur has received increasing attention because of safety concerns, the need to reduce emissions, and because sulphur harms the combustion properties of fuels. A good filtration system begins with high quality filter leaves. If you are in industries such as sulphur processing, mining, or amine treating, you need a reliable and cost-efficient solution for the removal of suspended solid contents.

Save operational costs with a high-performance leaf filtration system

Sulphurnet’s DEFS Pressure Leaf Filter consists of three to five layers of wire mesh, mounted on a common manifold pipe. The mesh screen has fine holes to retain the solid particles while letting the liquid through. The solid particles layer on the screen and coat it which then thickens into an intertwined filter cake. Forming a wet or dry cake by first precoating the screen ensures the removal of very fine particles. Its inner layer is made up of a rough mesh for the discharge of the filtrate to support the outer layers. The final filter mesh is mounted on top of these layers. It thus ensures full flow with minimum restriction.

The industrial leaf filter for chemicals has a durable and completely enclosed configuration. It is easy to automate and ensures clean operation, prevention of leaks, corrosion and operating difficulties. It provides a large filtration area for a relatively small vessel with quality filter leaves. It can be used for both primary filtrations involving high solid contents and also polishing filtration with low solids loads. It has high flow rates that requires filtration areas above 120m² but can also be used for smaller applications. Apart from chemicals it can also be used in edible oil refineries, food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry, etc.


  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Quick closer with long gasket lifetime
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Filter leaves remain stationary, no cake dropping during opening