Industrial jam vacuum cooker

In a production setup of agri-food preserves, sauces, and other condiments, vacuum cooking at 50 °C and in a short time helps retain the natural taste, aroma, and organoleptic properties of fruits or vegetables. Overboiling or cooking the product at longer times can alter the products’ taste and aroma and may even require additional gelling agents or sugar to compensate for the loss of organoleptic properties.

Vacuum cooking with built-in condensation system for steam extraction

The Vacuum concentrator BV 150 from Frigojollinox is a vacuum cooking system that is capable of concentrating at a temperature as low as 50 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for the production of jams, marmalades, and sauces. This helps preserve the flavor, aroma, color, and organoleptic properties of the ingredients without adding gelling agents or sugar. It can also cook at temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius at atmospheric pressure. The equipment features an indirect heating system using either a gas burner or electric heater and a mixing system with variable speed options. It is also equipped with a plate-type exchanger system that is specifically designed to extract steam during the concentration process and convert it to condensate. The stainless steel tank has a 157 liter capacity and a non-stick finish to prevent the products from sticking to the bottom or walls of the tank during cooking. This equipment has a production capacity of 130kg/ cycle, which is good for small and medium-scale food manufacturers.



  • Vacuum cook at low temp. (50 °C) or high temp. (140 °C) at atmospheric pressure
  • Standard built-in condensate system
  • Tank capacity of 157L and production capacity of 130kg/ cycle
  • Automatic valves allow operation with less supervision
  • Remote control via smartphone, PC, tablet