Industrial capsule checkweigher

Pharmaceutical manufacturing demands the highest quality standards and completely consistent production.  Weight variation; however, is a reality of any large-scale production process.  For this reason the industry needs a highly accurate, means of weighchecking production capsules designed for a high volume pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

A highly accurate, continuous check-weigher for pharmaceutical capsules

The Accura checkweigher for capsules from ACGE use an Elector-Magnetic Force Restoration load cell and the latest digital technology to ensure highly accurate capsule weighing for continuous pharmaceutical production.  Capsules in any state:  empty, filled, or partially filled, can be weigh-checked at a rate ranging from 40,000 to 200,000 capsules per hour depending on the Accura model used.

Weight accuracies of +/- 2mg are achieved with the standard units for capsule weights from 20-150mg.  An optional enhancement is available to improve accuracy to +/- .2mg when it is required.  Output data is recorded digitally and can be reported to a plant QA system via USB, Ethernet, or paper printouts.


  • Handles 00el-4 and 00-4 capsule sizes
  • Changeover in less than 15 minutes for smaller models and less than 5 minutes for larger models
  • Capacity up to 200,000 capsules per hour
  • Provides detailed statistical analysis of weighed and rejected capsules