Industrial bottle sterilizer

Sterilization is an important process in the beverage industry to kill microorganisms. It is important to prevent the possibility of re-infection of the product due to an unsterilized cap. There is a need for a unique, tailor made solution for production halls constructed in a way that require conveying of single containers, crates or packages from one to another level.

Simple and effective vertical conveyors for sterilizing bottles

Petek Proces’s Vertical conveying solutions and Bottleneck steriliser are commonly used in hot fill project. They come with vertical conveyors which can be used for lowering, elevating or both functions. This solution also includes neck sterilisers which are commonly used in hot fill projects. It is mainly used after the product is filled and before it enters re-cooling tunnel. The container is twisted for sterilization to reach soaking of the bottle cap with pasteurized product and thus prevent the possibility of re-infection due to a not sterilized cap.

The Industrial bottle sterilizer is equipped with conveying belt made of rubbers applied to two chains that enable the lateral taking of the containers. It allows manual or automatic adjustment of width depending on the size of the containers. Its bottle inverter is equipped with its own electrical cabinet to enable control of your work. It can be used for the sterilization of bottles of beer, soft drinks, sauces, juices etc.


  • Custom made corresponding to actual circumstances in your hall
  • Safe design to prevent unnecessary damages
  • Equipped with long wheels for stable operation

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