In-line continuous blender

When you consider shifting pharmaceutical mixing processes from batch to continuous, accurate in-line continuous blending can be a real challenge.

In-line continuous blender with fast reactivity and minimum residue

The Modulomix from Hosokawa Micron is a continuous modular mixer and it has been designed to be compact with fast reactivity, minimum residue and rapid start-up and shutdown protocols, very useful in pharmaceutical applications.

It is a very compact blender because you will be able to combine the Modulomix modular mixer with PTS, LIW feeders, continuous blenders, PAT technologies and even downstream processing, like (wet) granulation and/or compact. It is adaptable due to it lets you have two different mixing environments in one single phase, multiple Modulomix mixers can be cascaded in series.


  • Fast homogeneous blending
  • Very limited temperature increase
  • Low residual materials (even after emergency stoppage) and fast response time
  • Capacity of 2 kg/h to 200 kg/h
  • Easy integration with PAT tools