Hygienic and fully-welded spiral freezer for food

Food freezers are often the last step in the food production chain. The design, materials, construction, and maintenance of freezers must follow the discipline of a hygienic design. Welded bonding, food product compatibility with the freezer material, and a welded stainless steel spiral system for effective cleaning are just a few examples to consider when contemplating a hygienically designed food freezer.

A fully-welded spiral freezes food products with horizontal air circulation

The Fully-Welded Spiral Freezer by ICS Spiral Freezers is a unique concept of fully stainless steel welded spiral modules (both inside and outside) that meet high hygiene standards. The Fully Welded system is hygiene-centric because the different parts of the system are not sealed with silicone but welded together. Silicone is more likely to wear and tear, over the years it can come off and can lead to the entrance of external substances. The machine modules consist of a stainless steel seamless welded insulating housing, equipped with a fully welded spiral framework, evaporator, and spiral conveying system. It is suitable for freezing typical food products including pizza slices, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, croissants just to name a few.

Intensive horizontal air circulation employed in this spiral system ensures the efficiency of the freezing so that products are being frozen equally and fast. With this technology, the air is evenly distributed across all tires, preventing the products from losing moisture, which keeps their weight loss at a minimum level. This freezing system can be equipped with a sequential defrost that guarantees a 24/7 production and consistently high-quality product with no defrost downtime.

The Fully-Welded Spiral Freezer has an internal cleaning system known as the CIP (cleaning in place) system that allows cleaning without removing equipment. The series of steps (rinsing, washing, disinfection and drying) can vary based on customer needs.



  • Modular construction requires minimum on-site installation, it is easier to relocate
  • High level of hygiene thanks to fully welded enclosure
  • Self-supported framework requiring no concrete floor and no floor heating
  • Flexibility of choice: plastic or stainless steel belt and self-stacker or traditional system
  • Provided with DDS system to keep products in their original position