Hygiene washer for food utensils

Thorough and quick cleaning of kitchen utensils, such as baskets, knives, trays, and other appliances, is essential in the food industry when it comes to production efficiency and prevention of cross-contamination. Therefore, a self-contained automatic washing system is required in any food production facility that is highly regulated and must meet hygiene standards.

Cost-effective washing solution for knives, pans, trays, and crates

The LP by Velox Barchitta is a stainless steel washing solution for a wide range of utensils, and everyday appliances such as knives, pans, trays, and crates. Designed especially for the food manufacturing industry, all 11 of the LP models have been engineered to meet the washing demands when quick and careful washing is needed.

Available in sizes ranging from 500x500mm to 1050x640mm and tank capacity between 45 – 90L, the LP series can comfortably meet industry standard sanitary needs of any consumables manufacturing business. Furthermore, each of the models is equipped with a special system of rotating pressed inox steel arms that are placed on the upper and lower part of the objects to be washed. This allows powerful water jets to sanitize every possible hidden corner.

Within the “meat sector” a special “peaks control kit” will allow the washing temperature to be constantly maintained between 48 and 51 °C , which is necessary for preventing cross-contamination. The LP Series is completely produced in Inox Steel AISI 304 and it complies with all the international safety standards in force.

Besides, each of the LP models are equipped with a steam exhauster, which can be positioned on the chimney that is controlled by a timer; at cycle end, it will avoid the release of any steam to ensure that the temperature within the food facility is not compromised.

When it comes to sanitizing the unit itself, the LP models have an integrated external sprayer with a spray gun, which allows to make daily cleaning of the system easy.


  • Fast, cost-efficient, and thorough washing
  • Fully compliant with international safety standards
  • No post-washing steam extracted