Hot air tunnel for shrink sleeve labels

Sleeves are very popular in food, beverage, Chemical and pharmaceutical industry because they can act as tamper-evident labels. By slipping a sleeve over the container, it automatically covers and seals the cap. Therefore, you can combine protection (tamper-evident) and brand identity (labeling) in one step, saving money and time. A hot air tunnel is a great choice for tamper evident application as well as for the transparent label for very small products such as mascara or creams.

Forming tamper-evident labels using hot air

The TAL is a hot air tunnel designed by Scaligera that uniformly shrinks sleeves around containers while exposed to hot air. The shape and size of the container and the sleeve you want to apply are conditions in choosing the right shrink tunnel.

After loosely applying a sleeve on a container with a sleeve applicator, the shrinking process begins, and containers are moved on the conveyor into the shrink tunnel. Hot air is injected by a heater and blown onto the sleeve that covers the container. The hot air shrinks the sleeve which adheres evenly to the container and takes its shape. The numbers of heaters can vary from two to ten. Furthermore, they can be manually adjusted in height and inclination according to your needs.


  • Suitable for a wide range of different shaped and sized containers
  • Air heater manually adjustable in height and inclination
  • Fast and easy changeover (5 minutes to adjust the heaters)
  • Cost-effective