Horizontal dough mixer

The mixing of hard doughs or highly viscous product like chewing gum requires specialist equipment to achieve maximum efficiency and quality. In order to maximise return on investment, speciality mixers need to have robust build quality but also offer flexible operation that delivers excellent quality.

Heavy duty dough mixer with automatic loading

The Tonelli TR 500 / 1000 / 1500 range of horizontal dough mixers have been designed specifically to tackle heavy doughs and high viscosity masses. Featuring heavy duty construction designed for high bearing stability, the TR range produces the highest quality mixing results even in difficult masses.

The product maxing environment is constructed from AISI 304/316 stainless steel for high strength and easy cleaning and the hydrodynamic washing unit makes the process quick and efficient, minimising downtime.

The heavy duty mixing tool is made from a single stainless steel casting for maximum strength and long life, maximising the return on investment and reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Dual motorization with direct drive to the mixing arm gives superior mixing performance with heavy masses.

Siemens digital control unit with 10” touchscreen provides easy operation as well as full preset system for automated ingredient loading.


  • High-strength construction throughout to maximise return on investment
  • Digital control for pre-programmed automatic ingredients loading
  • Hydrodynamic wash unit for quick and thorough cleandown
  • Solid cast mixing arm means easy handling of the heaviest of product masses

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