High volume particles separation sieve

For large scale production processes in the chemicals or food industries that require the coarse or fine screening of difficult materials, traditional sieves do not provide sufficient throughput. A high volume rectangular sieve can process large quantities consistently, and the addition of multifrequency vibration makes them capable of extremely high efficiency.

Specialist heavy-duty sieve for large scale industrial processes

The RS 2010.1 from Virto has been conceived specifically for the coarse to fine separation of particles from large volumes of dry materials and powders, but is also available in a special version for use with liquid slurries. Designed to be robust enough to handle heavy industrial and mining/quarry use, the RS 2010.1 is also suitable for lighter and more delicate materials such as metal powders and fine particulate slurries.

Driven by a single energy efficient motor consuming only 2.8kW, the RS 2010.1 uses patented MFVexcite technology to create multifrequency vibrations. This accelerates the particle impact to the mesh from the typical 5G found in standard equipment to 500G. As well as increasing screening effectiveness this also eliminates clogging of the 1.6m2 mesh surface.

Constructed of solid carbon steel as standard, it is also available in stainless steel for speciality operations. The RS 2010.1 has been built to withstand extreme operating conditions and environments with minimal maintenance and downtime.


  • Much greater efficiency compared to traditional units with the same or greater sieve surface
  • Reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Uses exclusive multifrequency technology to avoid mesh clogging and increase performance
  • Extremely rugged construction for long service life
  • Used for the separation of powders, granules and liquids considered non-screenable

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