High-speed depositor of garlic butter

Across the globe, slices of bread are typically buttered by hand which often results in poor and uneven consistency of coverage. These drawbacks can be left behind with the use of a sophisticated unit for even and accurate distribution of garlic butter, making it a highly beneficial addition to the business.

Industrial depositing of garlic butter of bread and toasts

The stationary frame of the SDL by Foodjet is capable of holding up to four FJ26 depositor heads thanks to its retractable tray, mass supply piping, and sophisticated control cabinet. The frame is IP67, design meaning that the unit has minimal cables visible outside of its frame. Meanwhile, the whole liquid foodstuff system is CIP-able.

For guaranteed weight control, great final product, and minimal foodstuff wastage, a large back pressure regulator is fitted into the pipework. These depositor heads can cover up an area of up to 200mm with an accuracy of 2mm which guarantees an even distribution of garlic butter across all products that are processed through the conveyor belt.

If looking for a product for mass production, this unit is ideal due to the PUL (Pump Unit Large) which has nominal flow rates ranging between 50-750L per hour.


  • Individually controlled nozzle-jets
  • Even distribution of garlic butter thanks to the pressure regulator fitted into the pipe works
  • Low maintenance and up-keeping cost
  • Increased output and guaranteed quality of final products

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