High-frequency fill level controller

In terms of high-frequency technology, the fill level detection is considered a standard method nowadays. It inspects glasses and PET bottles of almost any shape and colour, in particular for liquids with little or no foam.

Inspect the filling level for liquids with little or no foam

The Newton HF from Miho greatly improves the HF measurement process. Without carrying out any special precautionary measures, the HF technology is very sensitive towards changes in temperature that lead to measuring drifts and eventually to changes in the fill levels measured. Miho Newton HF resolves these problems because it is a machine that permanently controls and calibrates itself.

Miho Newton High-frequency fill level controller represents a level of accuracy and reliability that has not been known up until now thanks to the HF fill level control. With this machine the HF inspection process has certainly reached new heights.


  • High level of accuracy and reliability
  • Sensitivity of HF technology
  • High-frequency inspection process