High capacity spiral proofer for pastry

Proofing is a phase in the baking production line that can’t be rushed. It’s an essential process for well-risen, well-shaped baked goods with a good flavor. A quality proofer should provide the right conditions for rising dough; slow airflow, controlled temperature and time as well as right humidity level will make all the products rise evenly.

A Spiral conveying system industrially proofs pastry before freezing

The Spiral Proofer by ICS Spiral Freezers provides the right climate conditions for every proofing stage. The system is provided with an air treatment unit located on the top of the spiral, that can control temperature, moisture and air speed parameters throughout the whole proofing process ensuring evenly sized products. For large capacity proofers, its robust and site-built concept ensures a fast assembly and sound operation. The Spiral Proofer can process capacities up to 6000 kg/hour or more.

To prevent the slip and stick effect (when pastry doughs bump on each other, which leads to product waste), the Spiral Proofer is fitted with a Direct Drive System that allows the belt to go on without interruptions. With the DDS (Direct Drive System) manufacturers don’t have to worry that products will move on the belt and stick to each other– the belt engages the drum with special teeth which makes it unmovable. Thanks to this technology, products stay in the original position throughout the entire proofing process.

The Spiral Proofer ensures a hygienic design and accommodates easy cleaning and low maintenance. Easy cleaning comes with a spray nozzle system, known as a CIP (Cleaning In Place) system that allows a cleaning without removing any equipment. The series of steps (rinsing, washing, disinfection and drying) can vary depending on customer needs.



  • No disruption associated with machine downtime in the proofing process delivering consistent quality
  • Equipped with height detection to check product height, preventing a jam in the production process
  • Consistent quality due to parameters (airspeed, time, temperature and moisture) that can be set easily and precisely
  • Provided with a DDS system to keep products in their original position
  • Has an option to install an automatic ‘Cleaning In Place’ system