High capacity spiral cooler for food

Cooling baked goods and food products can be problematic for sliced baked goods. A crusty texture can become leathery and tough. Crispness deteriorates if the goods are not cooled down properly. Having a sound cooling equipment will keep the quality and shelf-life of baked goods up to par.

A spiral conveyor cools down your baked products before packaging

The Spiral ‘Ambient’ Cooler by ICS Spiral Freezers, is a good solution to cool down produced and baked products (pancakes, loaves, doughnuts) to ambient temperature before freezing or packaging. The warm products will leave the oven chamber and travel on the continuous spiral conveyor which is driven by the Direct Drive System. With the DDS (Direct Drive System), manufacturers won’t have to worry about products moving on the belt and sticking or bumping on each other which could result in damage of the desired shape, even in the product waste. Thanks to this technology, products stay in their original position throughout the entire cooling process. Also, the system is equipped with height detection technology which checks product height, preventing a jam in the production process.

The Spiral Ambient Cooler can be designed as an up-going or down-going spiral. Additionally, the spiral systems are custom-made and can be designed for small places. For example, for manufacturers with low ceiling, the double (twin) spiral system can be applied. In such case, the up-going spiral and the down-going spiral are joined together by one belt.

The Spiral Ambient Cooler design follows the hygiene standard required by the food industry. Additionally, a belt cleaning system can be applied, making the technology even more hygienic.



  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • High capacity and natural cooling process
  • Provided with a Direct Drive System to keep products in their original position
  • Flexibility of choice: plastic belt or stainless steel belt, self –stacker or traditional system