High capacity freezer for food

Freezing is one of the most important industrial methods for the long-term preservation of food commodities. Many food products are sensitive to a freezing rate in that it can affect yield, quality, nutritional value, and sensory properties. Using a spiral freezing equipment with an efficient horizontal air flow and a sequential defrost can maintain product quality and reduce defrost downtime.

Freezing food products using horizontal airflow in a spiral system

The Spiral Freezer by ICS Spiral Freezers is a design based on two main spiral principles: the traditional (with or without DDS) and the self-stacker system. A self-stacker spiral freezer doesn’t require belt support, while the traditional spiral system needs support rings to hold the belt. Due to a compact design, the self-stacker spiral freezer has more capacity within the same height dimensions compared to the traditional spiral freezer. It is suitable for freezing typical food products including pizza slices, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, croissants just to name a few.

Intensive horizontal air circulation employed in this spiral system ensures the efficiency of the freezing so that products are being frozen equally and fast. With this technology, air is evenly distributed across all tires, preventing the products from losing moisture, which keeps their weight loss at a minimum level. This freezing system can be equipped with a sequential defrost that guarantees a 24/7 production and consistently high-quality product with no defrost downtime.

Additionally, the machine is easy to clean because it comes with a designed spray nozzle system, known as CIP (cleaning in place) system that allows cleaning without removing any equipment. The series of steps (rinsing, washing, disinfection and drying) can vary based on customer needs.



  • Horizontal airflow which freezes all products evenly
  • Has an option to install an automatic ‘Cleaning In Place’ system
  • Self-supported framework requiring no concrete floor and floor heating
  • Provided with DDS system to keep products in their original position
  • Flexibility of choice: plastic belt or stainless steel belt, self –stacker or traditional system

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