Food crates washer

With the increasing demand of food production sectors for cutting costs, while increasing quality of production, washing a high-volume crate or pans manually is extremely challenging. It can cause delays in production or even cross contamination. Therefore, a high capacity continuous tunnel washing system can be a good solution for any business that is looking for fast and proper washing of crates or pans.

Continuous washing system for food production sectors

The BN-C and BN 29 C 4K unit by Velox Barchitta is a continuous tunnel washing system. It has been engineered to meet the sanitary needs of businesses that need to regularly wash a high number of utensils that are being used in their facility.

The BN 29 C (4K) is a tunnel for crate washing with a continuous belt. They have the capacity of processing between 150 to 220 creates every hour in the standard version, while the 4K version can wash anywhere between 280 to 420 units at the same time.

The unit is integrated with a micro economizer, which is responsible for minimizing water waste, while maximizing the effectiveness of washing. The micro economizer is capable of rinsing at 85 degrees Celsius, making sure that even the most complicated areas are properly cleaned.

Besides, a rotating washing system can be applied to the unit to further improve the effectiveness of the washing by increasing the surface of contact with water on the items that are going through the tunnel. The BN 29 C can also diminish residual water on wash items, which will reduce the waiting times before a new batch can be processed.


  • High washing capacity
  •  Cost-efficient due to the micro economizer
  • High temperature guaranteeing to clean the most complicated areas
  • Can be managed by a single operator