Foil wrapping machine for cream cheese

When producing cream cheese and selling them in foil wrapped bricks you need a reliable and customizable solution that allows flexible product presentation with respect to portion size, shape and material of packaging.

Automatically pack cheese spreads in different brick sizes and shapes with foil

The processed cheese filling and wrapping machine (ARU) from FASA is an automatic machine designed for foiling and packaging of cream cheese and cheese spreads. It wraps the cheese into aluminium foil or laminate with a tear strip applicator that is heat-sealed to maintain product freshness. The packages come in rectangular or square shapes, offering an option of an easy opening system and flexible labelling. The machine is installed with a labelling device that can apply labels on one side, three sides, or no label at all. To meet consumer requirements, the machine provides flexibility to shift between portion weight by adjusting the brick height.

Volumetric dosing and product feeding is done via a double jacket 85l hopper with agitator. Product input temperature is +65 to +75 °C. The machine is designed to pack products in sizes ranging from 15-100 g, in a single fixed size, with a capacity of up to 50 packs/min. The wrapping unit is equipped with a foil centering device with photocell which ensures accurate alignment of the foil over the product, giving a consistent and centered wrapping. A foil cuts collection system gathers the excess foil trimmings generated in the foil cutting process, thus managing waste and preventing contamination. The machine is PLC controlled and has an HMI touch screen panel for user-friendly operation and control.


  • Compact design
  • Flexible portion weight and shape
  • Accurate volumetric dosing
  • High productivity up to 50 packs/min
  • Easy technical maintenance