Fluid bed dryer and mixer for lab scale

Designed for pharmaceutical R&D, a lab-scale fluid bed dryer and mixer/granulator combination provides a value-for-money solution that allows for economical yet scalable production of oral solid dosage compounds.

Flexible R&D fluid bed system for economical production of pharmaceutical powder doses

Available in a range of batch sizes, the Sejong Pharmatech D5Lm drying and mixing machine has been designed for the economical preparation of lab-scale quantities of dry compounds.

With options for 1l, 3l and 5l capacity, the D5Lm can be specified to meet your exact requirements. Touchscreen controls with full schematic status indication provide easy visibility of the machine status and simple operation. The control system is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant.

With lower power consumption that two separate units, and only one air supply required, the D5Lm combined dryer/mixer unit is an economical lab or small batch production system.


  • Available in a variety of batch sizes to suit your exact requirements
  • Fluid bed drying and mixing/agglomeration in one unit for reduced cost
  • Fully 21CFR part 11 compliant HMI
  • Fully touch-screen operation for ease of use
  • Low every consumption