Flexible contained powder charging solution

Filling of transportation bags and discharging them into mix tanks or reactor vessels is often a source of contamination and there potential exposure of personnel to harmful substances.  Inadequate measures to avoid these issues often slow production and reduce profitability.  Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short and rigid containment and transfer solutions for the biotech industry are often awkward and inefficient. Producers that embrace flexible solutions designed specifically for the challenges of our industry will find an advantage over competitors.

A fast and clean powder transfer solution for maximum containment during both charging and offloading operations

ILC Dover is an industry leader in contained material handling solutions for high-tech manufacturers and end users including NASA. The company’s DoverPac system provides high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading operations.  The system consists of a durable fabric bag with a tough plastic film liner.  The liner includes an upper sleeve for containment during the bag filling operation and a lower sleeve for containment during the offloading operation.  The fabric bag includes lifting points for crane hoisting and serves as a physical restraint keeping the liner and contained powder in a regular and protected shape during transport.  The discharging sleeve at the bottom of the liner includes 2 smaller lateral sleeves which allow for powder sampling for QC without breaking containment.  Both the upper and lower sleeves are manually clamped to your bulk storage hopper, mix tank, or reactor vessel and designed to be crimped, cut off, and eventually removed all while maintaining isolation and containment of the inside of the bag and the interior of your equipment.  In this way, the system provides maximum containment during powder transfer with the ease of use of a simple bag transfer material handling system.


  • Capacities from 20 to 2000 L are available
  • Integrated sampling sleeves for quick material sampling without sacrificing containment
  • 100% pressure testing and inspection of every system
  • Nanogram level containment performance achieved during testing of typical dry powder transfer operations
  • Manufactured from ILC developed rugged ArmorFlex film

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