External vial washing machine

Exterior washing solutions for vials often suffer from high water consumption and low throughput leading to increased running costs and poor return on investment. A state-of-the-art vial washing solution allows for high volumes of vials to pass through while minimizing water use, integrating perfectly both upstream and downstream where required.

Large volume sterilization solution for pharmaceutical vials

The Steriline EDM External Decontaminating Machine has been engineered from the ground up to improve the processing of vials, ampoules, and cartridges. Its small footprint design makes it easy to add to existing lines as well as new facilities and makes access for maintenance quick and simple.

EDM features an impressive capacity of up to 48,000 pcs/h, and can handle all common vial sizes from 2R to 100H. EDM has an entry conveyor belt that is loaded either by trays or by an upstream machine’s conveyor. The machine can also be connected in-line to a downstream machine (such as a labeling machine or tray-loader).

The integrated control system, which includes PLC and touchscreen HMI, automatically controls all the machine’s processes and adjusts parameters according to various glassware sizes and types. Programs for different cleaning cycles can be stored and recalled, and changeover only requires input and output guide and star wheels to be changed, reducing downtime. Options include an accident prevention hood as well as negative pressure RABS if required.

An enhanced sprayer design has minimized water use. An optional water recycling function is available to reduce consumption even further. There can be up to three various types of fluids used to wash the vials if required. Thorough drying is then achieved by special nozzles that blow Sterilized compressed air onto the vials.


  • Fully compliant with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements
  • Large volume throughput, up to 48,000pcs/h for enhanced production
  • Quick and easy changeover procedure minimises downtime
  • Increases water efficiency, reducing running costs - recycling option also available