Ethylene oxide sterilizer

When medical devices like syringes, catheters, dialysis cartridges, plastic dressings and sutures have to be sterilized, precautions should be taken if they are thermo sensitive. Indeed, an alternative sterilization method to super-heated water or steam must be used, and it uses to be ethylene oxide sterilization. However, this method could be dangerous if the process is not under control, as this gas is explosive, flammable, carcinogenic and mutagenic under certain conditions.

Low temperature sterilization method

The RSD® ethylene oxide sterilizers (EO/ETO) propose a modular design in order to divide the risk to have a potentially explosive atmosphere. Those modular ancillary equipment are the vaporizer, the gas room, the vacuum pump skid, the chamber and the preconditioning / degassing cells. The chamber design can guarantee an excellent temperature uniformity (+/-1ºC) as well as a perfect EO concentration distribution.

Standard designs are available for 4 Euro pallets (10 m³) up to 32 Euro pallets (80.6 m³), but customized sterilizers can be designed to suit specific dimensions and user needs.


  • Safe process, using at least 3 safeties for any critical functions
  • Modular design, and 100% customizable to customer needs
  • High efficiency, optimizing energy consumption and cycle time
  • Fulfilling ATEX 2014/34/EU, ISO 11135, EN1422, GMP, etc.

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