Entry-level blister packaging machine

Blister packaging is a popular packing method in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its complete seal against contaminants and moisture, its product protection qualities, and for giving the ability to attractively pack doses ready for consumer use. Large scale blister packaging machines are expensive, and designed to run continuously on one product line, making them inefficient for small scale or batch production. A dedicated entry-level machine allows maximum flexibility for small scale or batch production.

Ultra-compact blister packaging machine for small scale production

The TF120 blister packaging machine from FamarTec has been designed to offer a highly flexible blister packing solution in the smallest possible footprint. It has been developed with small scale and batch production in mind, and yet is built to full GMP standards. It’s particularly useful to production in small batches or for contract production.

The TF120 is all-servo motor driven with all production parameters saved in the PLC panel. This makes product changeover quick and easy using stored presets, meaning precision adjustment every time.

For integrating with existing cartoning equipment, the TF120 is available with an in-line or 90 degree outfeed belt to your specification. It offers a full range of additional units including vibrating pre-feed hopper, universal or dedicated auto feed, visual conformity inspection camera, auto-rejection system, and code/batch number printing using various methods. The TF120 is fitted as standard with a remote support capability, allowing online support to diagnose problems without waiting for onsite engineers, reducing any downtime.

The unit can produce up to 180 blisters per minute, and yet measures only 2150mm x 1240mm x 1840mm. It’s stainless steel balcony construction means a long service life and easy cleaning, sanitisation and maintenance.


  • Ideal for small volume producers, batch producers, or contract producers
  • Full range of options to meet your exact specifications
  • Rapid changeover thanks to all-servo motor function and electronic presets
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Remote support feature allows immediate online support, reducing downtime

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