Electronic capsule counter

For lab work or small batch production, hand counting of solid doses into dispensing containers is the most common method used. However, hand-counting is slow and can be inaccurate. A dedicated electronic counter with high speed and accuracy is the perfect solution to eliminate delays and errors caused by hand counting.

Automatic counter for hard doses including tablets, capsules and softgels

The CPE 6 Electronic Capsule Counter from Multigel is an efficient and accurate counter for a wide range of doses, including tablets (round and oblong), hard capsules, softgels, and other similar dosage types.

The CPE 6 is able to handle a wide range of sizes, making it very flexible. It can accurately count solid doses between 5mm and 25mm diameter and up to 20mm in thickness.

Featuring a simple-to-operate touchscreen interface for ease of use, all aspects of the CPE 6 operation are designed to meet GMP regulations. All parts in contact with the doses are constructed of AISI 316 stainless or other FDA-approved materials and are easily removed, making cleaning quick and simple.

For the elimination of static electricity, the distribution disk is made from crystal. This reduces downtime associated with counter-sensor cleaning caused by dust build-up. When used for counting tablets and optional sieve tray and suction system is available for maximum dust extraction.


  • Much faster and more accurate than hand-counting
  • Can count a wide range of dose types, shapes, and sizes
  • Touchscreen interface for ease of use
  • Made to GMP standards, suitable for all hygienic uses
  • Can accurately count up to 200,000 doses per hour

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