Dairy Packaging Machine

The use of sachets and pouches for powdered or shredded dairy products is an increasingly popular format. Grated cheeses, powdered milk and similar products benefit from this form of packaging thanks to extended shelf life, reduced transportation and storage costs, and consumer convenience. For high volume production it’s not only important to have a robust filling and sealing solution, but for food use it’s vital that any equipment meets all necessary sanitary requirements.

Flat or stand up pouch packaging for products that require sanitary design

The Bossar B3700 HFFS machine has been specially designed to fill shredded cheese and powdered dairy products. It’s also suitable for non-dairy products that require a fully sanitary design.

Manufactured from titanium and stainless steel, the B3700 is not only easy to clean and sterilise, but also extremely robust.

Its suitability for a wide range of products is thanks to its ability to achieve “clean” and “ultraclean” levels during packaging by utilising laminar flow, U.V. lamps and/or hydrogen peroxide.

Variants are available for both flat and gusseted pouches, and the machine is able to fill pouches from 140mm x 140mm up to 185mm x 380mm, with fill volumes up to 2000cc.

Traditional and robust walking beam transport system allows continual production of up to 140 pouches per minute.

For maximum flexibility, zipper insertion into the pouch is available as an option, perfect for powdered or shredded dairy products.



  • Designed for fast continuous production up to 140 units per minute
  • Meets all industry standards: WDA, USDA and UL
  • Full sanitary construction in stainless and titanium for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Quiet operation, under 70 dB
  • Can be used with laminar flow, UV, or hydrogen peroxide to suit your application