Custom engineered freeze dryer

For either bulk format or liquid in vials, ampoules or syringes, the Lyomega units are designed for freeze drying high value products, such as: vaccines, cytostatics, antibiotics, biologicals, hormones, active ingredients, reactives, etc.

Integrated and customized solution for pharmaceutical production

The Lyomega from Telstar Life-Sciences offers design flexibility to tackle all the requirements for each project. Customization capabilities cover a wide range of engineered solutions, including two-door pass-through design and sub-doors for product loading and unloading at a constant level. Internal or external condenser systems can also be configurated in a horizontal or vertical position, adjacent to or below the chamber. Refrigeration systems range through a double stage or cascade reciprocating compressor, screw compressor or liquid nitrogen and a full range of customized CIP systems are also available.


  • Offers design flexibility to address the requirements
  • Reduce costs through reduction of cycle times
  • Reliable and trouble-free process
  • Integrated and customized solutions for pharmaceutical production
  • Loading and unloading systems