Counterflow pellet cooler

Food and feed industries require the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. This entails frequent cleaning and inspection. There is also a need to closely control the cooling process in these industries to ensure product quality. A simple yet state-of-the-art pellet cooler can help improve sanitation standards, product quality and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Provides the cleanest and most efficient cooling technique

Geelen Counterflow’s Sanitary design cooler has been configured to meet the cooling needs of any industry while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. It is especially useful in the cooling of animal feed and oilseeds as it is designed to allow easy access for inspection, the lowest need for cleaning, and the fastest cleaning times.

The cooler’s hood with a rounded top prevents the accumulation of liquids/solids and allows cleaning liquids to be drained off. Its new and smart design allows round air discharge thus eliminating low spots for fines or moisture build-up. There is also a collection trough that safely accumulates and channels the cleaning liquid into the floor drain.  It is also equipped with big access doors in bin walls and collecting hopper enabling fast and easy inspection and cleaning, without entering the cooler. There are no hollow spaces avoiding the risk of build-up in places that can not be accessed or cleaned.

The Counterflow Pellet Cooler provides full control over air volume, air quality, process time, relative humidity, temperature, and moisture. It also offers several upgrades with respect to your specific industry requirements.



  • New design reduces cleaning time and need for cleaning
  • Easily accessible doors for regular inspection
  • Minimum production downtime