Continuous paddle dryer

Purposely focused on the indirect heating and drying of slurry, filter cakes, powders, pastes and granulates at a high speed – Dispersing liquids quickly and transforming products such as filter cakes and slurries from centrifuges, wet solids from decanters and press cake after press filtration into dry powders are among its striking features.

Continuous paddle dryer for rapid and effective indirect drying

This continuous paddle dryer from Hosokawa Micron is a high-speed dryer. It consists of a fixed cylindrical chamber with an eccentric agitator inside and two independent movements, perfectly capable of rotating on its own axis and tangentially to the cylindrical chamber too.

It has a patented jet rotor design, which allows the injection of a gas or liquid through the paddles and into a thin layer of material as it spirals along the cylindrical wall of the unit. This continuous paddle dryer is designed to be utilized with a variety of heat sources and for other numerous applications, not to mention its speed and effectiveness.



  • High heat transfer due to high-speed paddle
  • Nearly plug flow process
  • Suitable for closed-loop operation (e.g. solvent-recovery)
  • Variable residence time from a few seconds to approximately 20 minutes
  • Different temperatures for different sections of the jacketed vessel