Continuous centrifuge for lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide, a lithium compound used in making lithium batteries, is indispensable in various industries such as the pharmaceutical or chemical industry as well as for the battery market. To separate lithium crystals, centrifugation is an essential component in the production process. Continuous vertical centrifuges are most frequently used to process crystalline or fibrous solids as they provide high continuous throughput and provide a guided solid transport.

Separating of crystalline, granular, and fibrous particles in a liquid

The RINA 500F Vertical by Riera Nadeu is a continuous vertical filtering centrifuge fitted with a conical rotor for the solid-liquid separation of crystalline, granular, and fibrous product solutions. It is suitable for applications separating solutions of tartaric acid, lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate, metformin, APIs, and in the production of explosive powders. The RINA 500F attains a high filtration rate reaching solid concentrations ranging between 30% and 80% and particle sizes between 50 and 500 µm. Adjusting the feed rate and the speed difference of the epicycloid sets the centrifuge’s residence time.

A distinct feature of the RINA 500F is its extremely high capacity over its compact dimension, low weight, and accessible, continuous operation mode. When necessary, the centrifuge can also be used to wash the cake (dewatered solids) and immediately separate the mother liquors and wash liquids using two different outlets. In addition, its high centrifugal force provides efficient solid dewatering and cake washing. The RINA 500F also works in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Therefore, it can be installed with other devices such as cooling systems, CIP, and alternative provisions to adapt to the expected process and existing conditions.


  • Simple and compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • High "G" force

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