Continuous caramel mixer

Mix your recipe’s ingredients in preparation for further processing. This is a continuous mixer for caramel, toffee, and aerated substrates. It ensures uniform distribution of added ingredients with minimal loss of substrate density and almost no breakage or degradation of the inclusions.

Consistent, high-quality continuous mixing of a wide variety of confectionery ingredients without degradation

The Contimix line from Hosokawa Ter Braak is a continuous caramel mixer with output levels of 700 to 2,450 l/h. It is designed to evenly distribute a wide range of confectionery ingredients into aerated or non-aerated substrates with little effect on ingredient consistency or substrate density. The line is part of Hosokawa Ter Braak’s line of continuous caramel processing equipment that has developed a strong international reputation for product quality and strong technical support to field applications.



  • Oscillation option to ensure evenly distributed output into the hopper of the next machine in your process line
  • Easy clean option for optimal accessibility to the mixing screws
  • Continuous output from 700 to 2,450 L/h
  • Total machine length from 2 to 2.8 M

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