Transfer system for high-containment environments

A high-performance transfer port system that combines ultimate safety, simplicity of operation, and ideal cleaning, used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

High-integrity locking system, preventing accidental containment breach

The Containment Transfer System (CTS) product range from Telstar Life-Sciences is a versatile combination of technologies that provides you with the flexibility to safely and securely transfer products in high containment environments. A number of sizes and design options are available to suit your containment requirements, security needs, and budget.

Contained transfer systems are specially designed as the safest method for transferring product/waste or items in or out of contained or sterile areas. Totally mechanical system (no power needed) with safety devices to prevent incorrect operations (not operator dependent) and with color indicators on the locking mechanism provide visual feedback of the transfer’s port status.


  • Cleaner surfaces with minimized dirt traps for easier cleaning and sanitation
  • Fixed door with accurate positioning for ease of operation
  • Mirror finished door provides extended visibility to underside of arm
  • Removable acetal inserts for replaceable high wearing surfaces
  • Easy installation to rigid wall structures