Contained capsule filler

For pharmaceutical formulations that are highly active specialized capsule filling equipment is often required for operator safety and protection of product quality.  Full containment in a capsule filling process requires, minimal creation of dust, minimized product left-over in the machine, and operation with minimal operator interaction.  This specialized equipment offers these enhanced features including glove box operator access as well as all other capabilities expected from a top-of-the line pharmaceutical capsule filler.

Contained, safe encapsulation for highly active formulations.

The Securefill 12T from ACGE is a fully automatic  high containment encapsulation solution for highly active substances. The contained capsule filler is specifically designed to prevent any surface or airborne contamination escaping the machine which can be a risk to operator safety when working with highly active pharmaceutical formulations.  Contact between the operator and the formulation is eliminated greatly reducing the complexity and unreliability of other protective methods commonly used.

Part of the AF series of encapsulation machines which are currently running over 1,000 pharmaceutical production facilities world wide, the Securefill 12T has all the proven design benefits and flexibility of the other machines, with added containment and operator protection features.  Capacity of the contained capsule filler is up to 12,000 capsules per hour.


  • Patented ZRM technology for optimized yield and minimal dusting
  • Left -over of 20-50 grams depending on the model, output, and formulation characteristics
  • No Capsule-No Slug feature reduces further reduces formulation loss and dusting
  • Micro-dosing capability with +/- 2 mg accuracy
  • Optional Rapid Transfer Port